Department of Science & Humanities

About The Department

  • The department attempts at holistic development of the first year engineering students in the endeavor of this department.
  • It prepares the students for higher studies and for industries by imparting fundamental facets of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental Studies.
  • The courses taught by the teachers of this department lay the foundation of engineering sciences.
  • Mathematics is undisputedly important in all fields of engineering.
  • An understanding of Physics and Chemistry is essential to several engineering subjects like electronics, electrical engineering and engineering materials.
  • Professional communication is of particular importance for improving the vocal and written skills of students.


  • Promotion of language proficiency of the students with emphasis on improving their LSRW skills.
  • Training students so that they are well versed with the practical applications of the theoretical knowledge they gain through the design of the prescribed syllabus.
  • Overseeing the all round development of the students by providing diverse platforms for them to gain social, economical and industrial awareness and insights.
  • Providing in- house teaching / training program to make the students ready for their professional endeavors in future.
  • To encourage the students to become more creative and innovative by assigning mini projects in every subject from their first year in college.


Engineering Mathematics

To make students aware of the symbiosis between mathematics and engineering.

Achieve a fluency with Mathematical tools which is an essential weapon in modern graduate engineers’ armory.

To Balance between the development of understanding and mastering of solution techniques with emphasis being on the development of students’ ability to use mathematics

Engineering Physics

Engineering, being the science of measurement, has been the offspring of physics which plays the primary role in the professional courses of all the branches of engineering.

Without the application of concepts of physics there can be no technological developments. So the basic concepts are strengthened.

A fully equipped lab in the college caters to the needs of practical application of the subject.

Engineering Chemistry

Every part of the universe is made up of chemicals. An engineering student studies chemistry so that he/she can make the perfect use of any resource available in the universe which helps in innovation and invention.

VPMMECW has a well equipped chemistry lab.

The students are given mini projects to further inculcate interest in chemistry.

Environmental Studies

Environmental Education is aimed at increasing public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues, provide facts, opinions or the skills to make informed decisions and take environmentally responsible actions.

It teaches individuals holistic approach to an issue so that they can weigh various angles/ aspects through critical thinking and enhance their own problem solving skills.

It prepares students to respond to the challenges of moving towards an ecologically and socially sustainable world.

English Communication Skills Lab And Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

The students are trained to improve the communication skills required in formal and informal situations.

There are full fledged ELCS and AECS labs with 60 systems each, which enable the students to learn and improve the skills required for spoken English, listening, oral and written presentation, group discussion, role play, debate, interview, report writing, resume preparation and text to spoken.

All the skills mentioned above are imparted through computer-aided multimedia instruction and language acquisition.


The theory sessions of English develop vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills.

They facilitate the required exposure to relevant literature through passages from different genres.


Physics Laboratory

The lab is well-equipped and it makes possible for the students to realize the fundamentals of Physics in Engineering and Technology. Physics Laboratory is well ventilated and fully outfitted for present curriculum requirements.

The Semiconducting Physics Lab provides the student to gain useful practice in working with resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors Torsional Pendulum, Traveling microscope, Slotted weights, Screw gauge, Vernier caliper, Burette, Capillary tube, Beaker,Meter scale, Lees disc Apparatus, Steam boiler, Sodium Vapour Lamp, Mercury Vapour Lamp, Prism, Grating 1500 lines/meter, Galvanometer,Laser Source, Helium Laser source, Jig,Optical fiber, Spectro meter

The laboratory incorporates the theory taught in the class room and facilitates the students to get the knowledge of the basics of electronics with practical design. It is well equipped laboratory for conducting Physics Practical to I year B.E. / B.Tech. students.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry lab is equipped with instruments such as Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, physical & chemical Balance, Potentiometer, etc, to carry out regular academic work. To promote research activities instruments like Flame Photometer, vacuum oven, Muffle furnace, Water Bath etc, are available.

The Chemistry laboratory would aid to improve the scientific temper of the students. This Laboratory supports the learning and understanding the fundamentals of Chemistry with the relevant resources. It is fully equipped with instruments.

Language Laboratory

Effective language education stems from offering variety of learning opportunities and tools. The sophisticated Language Lab consists of 45 systems. Exquisite language proficiency boosting software like Globarena is installed in this newly designed lab. B.E. & B.Tech students attend this lab sessions regularly during the allotted semesters of the degree programme and their language skills are assessed in the end semester practical examination.

The soothing atmosphere aids in evoking the students’ interest to listen and practice various. An air-conditioned language lab is used for about 9 hour per week.

The students are given training in the areas of

• Conversational English
• Language Skills
• Soft Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Decision Making Skills
• Business Communication
• Group Discussion
• Pre-Placement Training
• Formal and Informal Situations
• Resume Preparation
• Email Writing
• PPT Preparation and Presentation
• Communication Oriented English Club Activities


Dr B. Selva Kumar



The Department of Science and Humanities is the driving force of the entire Engineering Education. It renders support in many ways for the efficient functioning of the Engineering Departments by promoting quality training in basic science, Arts and soft skills.

The department of humanities and Sciences was established in the year 2002 and it has emerged as a department pursuing excellence. The department has a team of highly-qualified and well-experienced faculty members and non-teaching staff. The department has many Doctoral degree faculties. Many faculty members are experts in some of the emerging fields of English, Mathematics and Physical sciences and have made significant contributions in their own fields. The aim of the department is to broadly educate aspiring engineering students in the basics of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry & English which serve as a platform for the growth of students in their further study of Technical subjects. The strength of the department lies in the perfect organization of knowledge and skills. The major motivating factor of the department is the commitment and team work that is exhibited in the teaching – learning process. Extra care is taken to offer special coaching class for the University Examinations. Every faculty member is provided to access to the internet. This facilitates sharing of knowledge and information which plays a significant role in upgrading and enriching research work.

Students are trained in Group Discussions, Presentations and Interview skills in order to make them employable. The Department has made tremendous progress technologically. Teaching and Research should go hand in hand. The faculty members of the department actively participate and present papers in conferences and attend programmes such as workshop, seminar, FDP etc. Various guest lectures and industrial visits are arranged for the students to acquire practical knowledge in their course of study.

The Department of Mathematics is at the fore –front of feeding basic mathematical methods and ideas to solve problems arising in Engineering Science & Technology. It also promotes the appropriate and effective use of mathematical tools in the Profession of Engineering.

The objective of the department is to motivate and inspire the students to have a strong background in the basic mathematics and to offer a wider exposure to the engineering students.

  • To explore the two way relationship between technology and society.
  • To encourage acquisition of life-long learning skills by educating the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To use shortcut methods for Aptitude Training.


The National Service Scheme (NSS), sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India, functions effectively on our campus, conducting tree planting campaigns, blood donation camps and free eye camps. First Aid awareness programmes and AIDS awareness programmes are also organized. Engaging in social activity to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate through empowerment is the main focus of NSS activity. The main objective of the National Service Scheme as envisaged originally was service to the community. It was sought to arouse the social consciousness of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people.

The motto, i.e., the watchword of the NSS is “Not Me But You”. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man’s point of view.

V.P.M.M. Engineering College for women has the NSS unit with the strength of 100 volunteers.

It has undertaken many socially and environmentally viable programmers.

  • Campus cleaning activity was conducted in our college campus by our NSS Unit.
  • We have conducted the Blood Donation Camp and it was inaugurated by our college Principal and other HOD’s.
  • We have successfully organized donating blood by the team of Doctors and Nurses who took care of the students well while donating blood without any issues for the General.

Our Regular Activities at a Glance

  • Free medical campus at various and needy villages
  • Dental camp, Health camp & Eye camp
  • Personality development programs.
  • NSS volunteers participation and performance in skit, dance and drama
  • Counseling sessions and medical advise
  • Tree plantation and helping the people to do so frequently
  • Conducted AIDS Awareness programme.

Mrs. G. Sumathi

AP/Mathematics, Placement Cell / NSS Coordinator


Mrs. M. Mageshwari

AP/ Chemistry, Environmental Development Cell Coordinator


The Environmental Science Club increases education and awareness of environmental issues, strives to improve environmental practices on campus and in the community, and is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the local and regional environment. The club accomplishes this vision by engaging in education based programme that include lectures by professors and discussions between members on crucial environmental concerns.

The club will involve in a diversity of programme aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members will contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organize programmes in line with the club’s objectives as well as in participating in “green” activities.

The activities of Environmental Club include:

  • Environmental awareness program on “importance of trees” to the student and faculty on every Saturdays.
  • Tree plantation inside our college campus.
  • Campus cleaning activity was conducted in our college campus.

Our Club is to impart quality education, enhance the communication skills of students and thereby improving their chances of placement opportunities. The students are trained to develop their Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing skills and to excel in their communicative abilities which would open the gateway of opportunities. A modern language laboratory has been installed with all necessary software to help the students for their communicative skills.

The overall mission is to promote the study of worldwide language written in English and extend understanding of how the English language intertwined with the various cultures of those who speak and write.

The objective of the Club is to contribute to the growth of individuals by combining self-confidence and a firm sense of personal and social responsibilities.

  • To help the learners acquire the readiness to speak English
  • To develop the sub skills required for paper presentation and group discussion
  • Globalization and the advent of information technology added importance to proficiency and fluency in English.

Dr K.Santhi Maheswari

AP/ English, English Club/ Placement Cell Coordinator