Department of Civil Engineering

Survey Lab

  • Preparing Contour map s & Spot levels
  • Open & Closed Traverse.
  • Find the inaccessible distance between two points
  • Plotting of lands & buildings by plane tabling
  • Longitudinal & Cross Sectioning
  • Longitude & Latitude of a place
  • Fixing true North at a given site

Computer Aided Design Lab

  • Civil3D with AutoCAD 2008,Primavera
  • ANSYS, STRUDS,Auto Civil
  • SCADDS Nucleus RC 2007
  • SCAADS RC Design & Detailing Suite
  • ADT 2.0,MathCA

Soil Engineering Lab Capabilities

  • Grading and fineness modulus course and fine aggregate.
  • Specific gravity
  • Bulk Density ,Water Absorption
  • Strength of material lab
  • Tension test on rods.
  • Tests on cement under controlled
  • Condition in humidification chamber.
  • Tests on bricks,Tests on aggregates
  • Tests on tiles,Tests on stones
  • Tests on wood,Tests on hollow blocks
  • Tests on paver blocks

Hydraulic Engineering Lab Capabilities

  • Determination of ground water potential and evaluation of soil characteristics.
  • Pressure test on PVC pipes
  • Deamination of meta erentric height
  • Calibration of Rotometer
  • Flow through venturimeter
  • Flow through orifice meter
  • Flow through variable duct area –Bernoulli’s Experiment

Environmental Engineering Lab

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory is well equipped with Specialized instruments like Computer interfaced Spectrophotometer (Electronic 20D+), Digital pH meter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter, BOD Incubator, Flame Photometer, High volume Air Sampler, Stack Monitoring Kit, Water Analyzing Kit to meet the academic requirements of undergraduate programme and for full-fledged consultancy activities in the field of water quality analysis and air quality monitoring.

  • Tests on water sample
  • Test on Effluents
  • Test on Ambient Air Quality Parameters Measurements

Concrete and Highways Lab

Highways laboratory was established in 2012 as Concrete and Highways Laboratory. Then, It was bifurcated as HIGHWAYS LAB in 2014 with facilities for testing the Bitumen, Tar and Aggregates. The Laboratory is fully equipped with all necessary equipments, as required for courses (B.E Civil Engineering) in the syllabus prescribed by the University.  The Laboratory has been kept with pace of modern technological advancements by purchasing new equipments as and when required. The major equipments available in the laboratory are Aggregate Impact tester, Los Angels Abrasion Testing machine, Deval abrasion testing machine, Aggregate crushing value apparatus, Standard penetrometer, Ring and Ball apparatus, Apparatus for adhesiveness test , Flash point and fire point apparatus, standard  tar viscometer, Ductility testing machine for bitumen, Marshall apparatus, Bitumen Centrifuge Extractor and Electronic Weighing Balance.